#RoastRoger will be a hoot!

Our Roast of Roger Lebbin is going to be a must see. must hear event! 

“For the price of a ticket, the members can see a bunch of old fogies embarrass themselves!  It promises to be very entertaining.– Mr. Lebbin.

Roasters include:
Tom Farasy, Terra Verde Communities; David Flanagan, President of Elm Street Development;
Bob Kaufman, MNCBIA VP for Government Affairs;
Jonathan Kipnis, lawyer extraordinaire;
Kristy Mitchell Sullivan, VP at Mitchell & Best Homes;
Stephen Paul, Executive, Mid-Atlantic Builders, Inc.

Jim Soltesz, President, Soltesz;

plus local political leaders from Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties.

There will be jokes, there will be a rebuttal.

Roger has written a song, which he will perform with Chuck Sullivan, a custom homebuilder and a well-known local drummer, and Home Builders Care’s own board member, Rich MacDonough on guitar.   

In the song, over 90 past and present members of the association will be prominently mentioned including some famous names who are no longer with us from Lawyers to Architects, Engineers, Builders and Developers. Check it out!

Mark Sullenberger
Russ Warfel
Jim Soltesz
Don Pleasants
Jerry Connelly
Bill Anthony
Chuck Ellison
Roy Kilby
Mark Montgomery
Jerry Lenhart
Rich Thometz
John Minzer
Vernon Pizzi
Kenny Malm
Dave Flanagan
Ralph DeSena
Jeff Caruso
Sevag Balian
Robert Mitchell
Nancy Porten
John Clark
Andy Rosenthal
Howard Katz
Steve Paul
Earl Segal
Ed Gibbs
Tom Haller
Bill Knight
Steve Robins
Judge Glenn Harrell
Don Rogers
Tim Dugan
Patrick Greaney
John Delaney
Bob Harris
Andy Isaacson
Benson Klein
John Orrick
Chuck Dalrymple
Jody Kline
Joe Blocher
Robert Linowes
Jim Sack
Steve Kaufman
Stephen Elmandorf
Harry Lerch
Stef Tucker
Michael Faerber
David Little
Joe Rodgers
Gary Rubino
Doug Hansford
Linda Ryan
Steve Spano
Mike Snyder
Bill Joyce
Tom Wiley
Steve Nardella 
Bob Larkin
Jimmy Kettler
Tony Crane
Rick Lessard
Charlie Johnson
Leo Bruso
Bill Sutton
Jon Kipnis
Bill Shipp
Mike Ruehr
Milton Kettler
Michael Rose
Al Arnold
Dave O’Bryan
Susan Matlick
Tom Chicca