On the Agenda – ABH Boys Cottage Project

We’re Getting Ready!  
The Home Builders Care Foundation (HBCF) has been busy assessing one of our next projects in Montgomery County – renovations at the Adventist Behavioral Health Cottage for Boys
The ABH cottage offers troubled adolescents a caring, supportive living environment in which they can address their psychological treatment issues while becoming reintegrated into the community. 
At the cottage, the planned renovations will greatly improve and make safe the therapeutic group home’s two main common areas used primarily for program operations and all important social gatherings — the frequently-used backyard (pictured here) and the kitchen/dining/group meeting areas. 
Improvements will provide the boys a safe refuge area to exercise and relax, as well as better accommodate daily one-on-one and group counseling sessions.

HBCF’s HomeAid DC chapter gears up for next energy retrofit project

Data collection begins today! This morning, a team from Newport Partners began its extensive energy audit at a 6-unit apartment building owned and operated by Community Connections. Community Connections’ core purpose is to improve the lives of women, men and children in the District of Columbia by providing comprehensive mental health services.  Here, Newport’s Jamie Lyons, Matt Evans and Sam Bowles conduct a blower door test which will help determine a home’s airtightness.

St. Mary’s County Maryland Shelter for Women Gets Huge Gift.

Home Builders Care Foundation just received some amazing news from Rev. Marguerite Morris, the founder of Leah’s House, a shelter from women and children in St. Mary’s County. The shelter has been struggling financially for a number of years.

Facing foreclosure on their property, an angel has paid off the balance of their mortgage – close to $320,000! The GIFT arrived after a local news story was featured on Channel 7 last week.

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