Home Builders Care to be honored by Housing Unlimited, Inc.

You are invited to join Home Builders Care and other community members at Housing Unlimited Inc’s  (HUI) 2012 Welcome Home Celebration event on May 22 at the Hyatt Regency Bethesda. 
HUI Executive Director Abe Schuchman with volunteers from Ryan Homes
HUI’s 2012 honorees include Uma Ahluwalia, Director, Montgomery County Dept. of Health and Human Services and MNCBIA’s own HomeBuilders Care Foundation, who has assisted HUI over the years on a number of renovation projects. 
HUI is one of HBCF’s fabulous partner nonprofit organizations located in Montgomery County, MD. HUI provides independent supportive housing for people with psychiatric disabilities and currently owns 48 homes serving 140 individuals. They are growing!
With almost 300 individuals on its waiting list, HUI must continue to expand to meet the ever-growing need.  Home numbers 49 and 50 are coming in 2012!  Click to join in the celebration!  

Celebrating with the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless

On February 2, MCCH announced that its Silver Flower Homes project has been awarded funding under HUD Section 811 for low-income, disabled persons.  

MCCH also rededicated New Takoma Homes, a former SSIHC project housing six formerly homeless families. Coalition Homes is thankful to the Housing Opportunities Commission for transferring rental assistance vouchers, and to state and local governments for transferring existing SSIHC loans to Coalition Homes so that families can be safely housed. HBCF assisted with the renovation.

At the dedication ceremony, with partners Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless, the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, and the Montgomery County Dept. of Housing and Community Affairs, Home Builders Care Foundation President Hugh Carroll made the following remarks:

It takes many helping hands to make a project successful.

Home Builders Care Foundation and another foundation contributed a combined $45,000 for the renovation of two buildings elsewhere in Takoma Park that will house six families.

Special needs housing is vital for the community and contributions from many are needed to make the kind of projects we are talking about today successful.

Builders want to help because we see the need in the community.  We see the homeless adults, a great percentage of whom are disabled.

We see the families displaced by the loss of a job, or struggling to make ends meet when bills pile up.

I speak from experience in that regard.  I had a relative that lost their home to foreclosure and was going through a divorce.  This relative moved in with our family with two children.  They lived with us for over a year and a half and not really sure what they would have done had we not been able to help.

We see these needs and we are compelled to respond.

Home Builders Care Foundation contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars plus in-kind contributions to expand the county’s primary facility for homeless men three years ago. We were honored to have that facility named the Home Builders Care Assessment Center.  We are the non-profit organization that was created by the Maryland National Capital Building Industry Association (MNCBIA).

It is no secret that this has been one of the worst business climates for home builders in recent years.  Many in the industry have lost their jobs.  Many builders and trade contractors are still struggling to stay afloat.  Yet we still care about our communities and are still finding ways to give back because we believe (and agree with the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless (MCCH)that everyone deserves the dignity of a home.

The Home Builders Care Foundation has been around for 28 years and we hope to be around for many more years – continuing to build hope and end homelessness.

We are enthusiastic to continue working with MCCH and Coalition Homes as the emphasis has shifted toward permanent supportive housing integrated into the community.

Builders are hands-on people who like to see the results of their work.  With MCCH and Coalition Homes we know when we participate in a project it will be successful and the results will show.

Other individuals, businesses and religious organizations are helping in so many wa

Volunteers have helped with landscaping, and companies have donated landscaping materials at this and several other apartments.

Furniture, food and interior decorating are contributed to help residents get started in their new home.

Isn’t that the kind of community we all want to live in – where all of us use our talent and treasure to help those in need?

I will conclude with a suggestion for improved health.  Our daughter, Maura, lives in Chicago and works for the American Medical Association.  She sent me an article recently that was published in their newsletter, American Medical News.  It was titled “Volunteering Can Boost Physical and Mental Health”

A report that was published in the December, 2011 issue of The International Journal of Person Centered Medicine, found that people who give back to others lead more happy and healthy lives than those who do not volunteer.  So let’s all continue to lend a hand and have happier and healthier lives.